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OpenCampus is an ERP based secured Education Management  system which can be used to handle all kinds of managerial academic and financial activities of an educational institute.
It includes information handling on students, exams, student fee, Hostel, Library, Transport, employees and Finance etc. Most importantly, this information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated.

Why You Need OpenCampus

Without a proper campus management tool; an institutes cannot run all its departments the time manual records with works are available when required immediately. Manual file handling system always remains redundant.
However even a custom software solution cannot facilitate the institutes to streamlines all its departments and business processes. The only solution is ERP based Systems
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems enable us to control all key business functions in a company by using unified information architecture. Their main aim is to connect all business units and all business functions into a unified computer system that satisfies the needs of the whole organization.
OpenCampus is powerful, agile and simple design to serve educational institutes.
it  has empowered institutes to be more productive, transferring from non-integrated units with scattered island of information to strong, integrated, cost effective yet flexible ERP tools.
The system is robust able to handle large amount of data with proper back up disaster recovery. It has a comprehensive role based security system allowing multiple levels of permissions for faculty and administrators.

Key Features

icon Student Admission and Academics

icon Fully customizable Examination System with reporting e,g DMCs, Results lists, signature sheet award lists

icon Electronic Grade book

icon One –Click result card & transcript generation

icon One-Click Student Academic Progress Report

icon One Click Defaulter Student list

icon Daily Fee Collection report,

icon Class wise, session wise fee collection reports and many more

icon Provides full financial services, enabling Double Entry System.

icon Good Financial Management & Reporting

icon Built-in SMS system (Send SMS to a student,whole class, fee defaulters, absent students and many more)


icon  It is a multi-user system and can be used by hundreds users at same time

icon  Benefits include improved services to students by many departments on campus, including Admissions, Advising, Fee Information.

icon  Enabling more better management, effective & timely decision making

icon  Integrates all departments within the institute

icon  Reduce administrative overhead through use of powerful utilities. Fully automated academics system(Entry test, Scheduling, Student Attendance, Examination, Library, Transport)

icon  Makes it easier to prepare and generate reports from different aspects for different departments.

icon  Delivers role-based, 24/7 access to information and services in a secure learning environment.

icon  Improve transparency, compliance, and efficiency by effectively managing funding and student accounts.

icon  Efficiently defines and manages business processes to flexibly configure solutions to fit needs and requirements.

icon  Meets the demands of students for intuitive self-service management of their academic lives

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